Don't worry about your gear, worry about yourself

Totally crazy right? I just spent thousands of pounds on my new camera and lenses and not to worry about them? Ok, there are few different types of photographers out there and it really depends on what you are.

1) Collector photographer

2) Technical photographer

3) Occasional photographer

4) Amateur photographer

5) Professional photographer

Collector Photographer (simply a collector)

Collectors really appreciate the 'values' of the best made and rare photographic models, both camera and lenses (and accessories... or anything to do with photography in that senses). They probably will never use any of the equipment they acquire and will only take them out to have a look, cling-filmed it and put it back into the box then to a safe for keeping. If the box seal isn't broken, the camera or lens may not even have a chance to see daylight.

Technical Photographer (simply Techie)

Techies are a totally different breed. They love USING their cameras, but not to produce aesthetic pleasing or artistic photographs. They love to compare specifications of their equipment and analyse the optical quality and characters of their lenses. Techies are very well informed and in fact, they are probably have more information than the manufacturers themselves. If you need to know about what a new camera model does, a techie can tell you straight away.

Occasional photographer (General public)

These are normal people. The main population of this earth. They appreciate beautiful images and would love to be the one who photographed them. However, they are not trained in any way or know too much about photography in general. They love to snap around with their smart phones every now and then. They cheer when they get great shots but don't bother when they don't. They are easy going (in photography terms).

Amateur photographer (Amateur)

Well, here comes the more artistic bunch. The main difference between an amateur and a professional is the latter makes money to support him/herself through photography. Amateur are often ones who really enjoy photography and obtain great pleasure from MAKING a perfect photo. But being an amateur also means that time isn't an issue usually as there's no obligations or commitment to customers and most of their works are really for self-pleasure. They can take all the time they need to satisfy their needs. There are great amateur masters out there that are equal or better than the highest paid professionals.

Professional photographer (Pro)

The Pro is, well, a pro. Making money and feed their family through photography. There are many types of professionals out there and believe me or not, there are pros who absolutely love photography but there are also some that don't or even hate. The latter just do that for money, just like any other jobs. Their work is often lack of emotions, directions and quality. The ones who love photography will still try to excel in what they do or even broaden to areas that they haven't tried before with collaboratives or even customers. Yes they have time limits on deliveries but those who love photography are ones that I would call masters. They evolve over time but their work remain consistent and quality.

Don't worry about gear??

Ok, the reasons I spell out the types of photographers above is to tell you why my statement is important. If you are dead serious about photography, you put yourself to the top of your list first. Why? Ok, here's the things, who controls the situations, timing and the camera? Who presses that shutter button at that important time? More so, who gets to the location to make the who process work in the first place?


You are the single most important piece in the entire process. The camera you use is only a tool to get you the end product. There are also differences in the type of photographers I mentioned above when it comes to using their gears. Only the pros and the seriously serious amateurs will put themselves out first. They will literally do anything, ANYTHING, to get that shot. The camera came second. It's like wartime journalists. They equipment are tools that they carry everyday. They don't look after it like most people. They will not worry about cosmetic damages as long as the cameras still function. Pros are like that too. Not that they don't look after anything that they own. In fact, they care about their cameras but just to the point that it's only getting marks and scrapes but not a bullet holes or smashing the wall or digging a hold with it.

Like a wedding professional rarely dust their cameras during a ceremony or to clean its lens. They don't mind putting their cameras on the gravel ground and worry about scratching the bottom of their cameras. Or a professional wildlife photographers won't clean their equipment until their mission is completed unless the dirts affect the operations of their cameras.

Why? Critical time. The moments, the time that makes those great photos. Worrying about your gear is the last thing they want. They are focused on GETTING the shots, more than anything else. Simple.

If you want those awesome shots that you see in exhibitions or papers? Get yourself out, take your camera and shoot. Don't worry about the elements and you can be more focused to get the perfect shot. You are a photographer!

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